Hello everyone!

We were gone for some time now, many things have changed, so i will keep it short.

1. The reason we went offline for quite some time is that my provider updated the php version of my hosting package to a newer one. I had to do so, or otherwise I would have to pay extra fees for running an old php Version.
2. In connection to the first point, the CMS i used was not able to handle the new php version, so everything went blank... The CMS i used is a very old one. I think i bought it somewhere around 2006 or 2007... And because of the lack of my php/mysql skills, i was not able to make it run again... so r.i.p.
3. In private some things changed for me too. I got a new job inside my company and I still have to learn many new things... So it consumed a lot of my free time and i was unable to get to fix stuff in regards of this website.
4. A good friend of mine and myself are running a Facebook Group called resident-evil-allstars.de [...link] and we are almost at 900 followers. Managing that group in that little free time I had was also sometimes stressfull, because we had a big focus on that.

So i decided to take my time now and rebuild everything from scratch, witch sucks, because I have to try and get somehow all the content back and put it in this one. I hope it works out... And yeah, i switched to joomla... I have zero experience with it, but I will take my time...
First I will build the strructure of the site. Creating content sites, menüs etc. and when that's done, I will try to build a nice design for this site.

So please be patient, because this will take a long time for me.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon!